Next Gen. Leadership
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2008.04.03 (10:39:41)
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greeting in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
I am excited to announce that KECA (Korean Evangelical Church of America), EM Committee is going to host 3rd NGLC (Next Generation Leadership Conference).
And the location of our conference is going to be at Union Evangelical Church in West Covina.
And our main speaker for the conference is Rev. Jim-Bob Park (former EM Pastor of Young Nak Presbyterian Church but now he is the senior pastor of BitNaree in Texas).
The date of our conference is June 16(Mon)-19(Thr), 2008.

Date: June 16-19, 2008
Location: Union Evangelical Church
              710 N. Lark Ellen Ave.
              West Covina, CA 91791
              (626) 858-8300

I will send you another email along with the registration form and the schedule of our conference.
Meanwhile, please pray for the conference and pleas book your calendar to attend this year's conference.
God Bless,

Steve Hwang
Coordinator of EM commttee of KECA
2008.04.23 (00:17:43)
John Park
Would you please add me to your mailing list? My email address is . I'd like to attend the NGLC with my youth pastor. I am currently serving FKCC of San Jose as EM pastor. Thank you.
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